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Glasgow Arts Events | Eventbrite

Summer dancing
Corin Sworn / Roundtable Conversation
What does nothing do? - An event curated by Scott Massey for The Telfer Gallery @CCA
MENERGY - August 30th 2014
Lorna Macintyre / Artist's Talk
Corin Sworn / Artist's Talk
Alt-w | Glasgow Surgeries
MENERGY - October 3rd 2014
Book Reading: ‘Mr Mac and Me’ by Esther Freud
The Minimalists Everything That Remains Tour — Glasgow
MENERGY - November 1st 2014

Edinburgh Arts Events | Eventbrite

Jonny Freeman's Funtime Family-Friendly Impro Show
Invisible Badminton and Other Dreams
Nicky Wilkinson & Friends
Claire Ford: ConsciousMess
Wilkinson Ford: Kagoolio
The Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour August Tickets 2014
Blooming Surprise By Sáras Feijóo
Flourish inspired
The Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour August Tickets 2014
BARK presents: Hearts of BARKness
Alt-w | Edinburgh Surgeries
Sunita Bhuyan on culture and corporations
FINE ART NUDE MASTERCLASS with Milosz Wozacznski
The Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour September Tickets 2014
Magic Box - Gallery Discussion by Calum Colvin
Not About Heroes: Craiglockhart War Hospital at Edinburgh Napier University
Artist Print Demonstration by Nana Shiomi
Keywords: Aesthetics
Rene Baker Weekend Puppetry Course: The Physical Puppeteer
The Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour October Tickets 2014
Keywords: Realism
Missy Malone & Friends Burlesque Revue - HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR!
The Minimalists Everything That Remains Tour — Edinburgh
That Dark Night: Poetry and Death
The Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour November Tickets 2014
Edinburgh Art Fair Entry & Raffle
Nine Artist Demonstrations
The Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour December Tickets 2014

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